A library is an essential instrument of developing desirable study habits in students. In the Library, Library resources also play an important role in enhancing a teacher’s effectiveness and classroom performance.Hence a good library is very essential for the students and as well as faculty members . They should take full advantages of there sources available in the library.

To satisfy this hunger of knowledge the college has well equipped Library which serves updated reference books, magazines, journals and newspapers. Presently, the number of books in the library are 5154. The college library has books in all teaching subjects along with a large number of course and reference books including educational encyclopedias, dictionaries, yearbooks and surveys of educational research. Besides this, the college subscribes four daily newspapers, 11 educational journals, 04 periodicals and 02 other magazines in English and Hindi for the benefit of students and staff members. The library has a spacious reading room for the benefit of bonafide college students and it remains open during vacations as well as after the college hours. Book bank facility available in the library is utilized by the Pupil Teachers who are entitled to make use of them. Internet connectivity is available in the library along with the printer. College also subscribed INFLIBNET facility through which teacher educators and Pupil teachers can browse online e-books (40000 approx), Journals (more than 3800), Magazines, National and International literature. The library welcomes book lovers to its calm and serene ocean of knowledge and bliss.


Library Details

1Number of Total Books 5706
2 Number of Titles 2631
3 Number of Encyclopedia 08
4 Number of Educational journals being Subscribed 11
5 Number of referred research Journals being Subscribed 03
6 Number of International Journals being Subscribed 03
7 Number of Periodicals being Subscribed 04
8 Number of Title available in the Reference Section 609
9 Number of electronic Publication Connect to Inflibnet (6000-e-journals & 97000 books)
10 Number of Computers , Photocopier etc 01 Personal Computer, 01 Photo Copier & 1 Printer. All Library working process is through Software management. (By SIMCOM Company)
11 Number of Seating Capacity More than 30