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Psychology Resource center

Psychology is the foundation of teaching learning process. If a teacher fails to understand the psychology of the students, the teaching learning process gets hampered.

Nalanda college has a separate Psychology Resource center. Psychology Lab is the brain of our Institution. It Contains various psychological tests ,apparatuses ,ransparencies and CD's which are related to various aspects of human development and teaching learning process. Display of picture of various Psychologists and charts makes the environment motivating. Student Teachers often uses these tests for research. as well as of diagnostic purpose. During Internship Pupil Teachers conducts small level research(an Action Research) on school students.


The purpose of psychology resource center is to create a research and training hub that will simultaneously advance understanding of the human behaviour and encourage evolutionary psychologists to incorporate teaching and learning in explanations of human thought and behavior. They are provided with the facility of getting the psychology tests issued and Photocopied to carry out their research work. Every year new standardized psychological tests/scales are purchased for supplementing research work.

Psychology Laboratory is equipped with a large number of latest psychological tests These tests are helpful to measure the various psychological traits of an individual like:

  • Creativity
  • Intelligence
  • Personality
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Teacher Adjustment
  • Teacher Attitude
  • Aspiration Measurement
  • Social Maturity
  • Time Management
  • Teacher Competency
  • Moral Values
  • Learning and Thinking Styles
  • Teacher’s Values
  • Concept Achievement
  • Divergent Abilities
  • Reasoning Abilities
  • Self Control
  • Work Motivation
  • Computer Attitude
  • Leadership
  • Socio-Economic Status
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Group Intelligence Test
  • General mental ability test
  • General mental ability test
  • Picture Completion Test
  • Picture arrangement test
  • Digit symbol test
  • Object assembly test
  • Bhatia battery of performance test
  • Individual performance test
  • Picture construction test