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Language is a vehicle which expresses unity of thought or simply we can say "Word illuminates world".Good communication skills are indispensable for the success in any profession and one of the important skills among the teachers. The Nalanda college language laboratory has an audio and audio-visual installation which can be altered by the learners to fit in their requirements. The language Laboratory facilitates individual tutoring by the staff member as well as self-learning by the students’ .It helps students to acquire proficiency in the Language.

To develop skill-in-teaching with good communication Nalanda college of education have a well equipped language lab, as good communication skill has become indispensable for today`s teachers. our language lab is designed and arranged to make the language learning more effective and to develop teaching skills .The lab equipments include ear phones, software of language, Phonetics CDs,Whiteboard,Headset with Microphone,Activity based language books and PCs with internet facility. The lab can accommodate 20 students at a time .The whole process is facilitated from the server. There are separate PCs for learners connected with sever of resource center. Privacy is maintained for the students because all of them can practice simultaneously but individually in their PCs.

Objective of Language lab

  • To acquaint PTs with different methods and techniques of language teaching.
  • To help PTs in preparing lessons of prose and Poetry.etc
  • To enable PTs to evaluate different skills of their learners
  • To help PTs to develop interest for languages among their students.
  • To enhance spoken skills through Pronunciation drill and computer programs.
  • To provide authentic study PTs.
  • To expose them to the real life learning situation.
  • To develop their various skills, like-listening, speaking, reading and writing.